Everton Manager, Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez

Martinez Wants Home Comfort

Roberto Martinez is keen for Everton to get back to expecting to win at Goodison.

Martinez: “It’s almost that we’ve gone away from expecting to win a football game once we turn up at Goodison,” said Martinez on Friday. “I remember two years ago, with the home record that we had, we felt so confident we knew that – even if it would take until the last minute of the game – we would get a win. Now we need to work hard to change that back, because at the moment it seems like we’ve got [to where] it’s always a situation that we could lose something at home and we need to change that because, clearly, the quality we’ve got in the squad is better than the results we’ve collected.

“The away form will show you that the contrasting results are quite extreme. If you look, it’s 10 clean sheets in the 23 games that we’ve played [away] and, in the league, only two defeats in 16 games is the best record we’ve ever had at the Club. We’ve been very strong defensively, we always carry a threat, we’re an attacking team, we pride ourselves on being a team that can break anyone down and we’ve done that.

“At home, it’s a completely different story. We’ve been punished. Too often defensively we’ve conceded too many goals. The bravery and the attacking play has always been there and you’re not the fourth highest-scoring team in the league [at home] for nothing. But, clearly, the balance at home hasn’t been right and the amount of defeats – sometimes they’ve been too harsh or undeserved – but the reality is there has been too many defeats and that has affected our campaign in the league too much.

“But it’s not a question of the quality or the balance of the side, it’s a question of ourselves having a bit more luck, because at times it happens, but also of just feeling at ease and a bit more positive that, if we do things well, we will get the positive result.”

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