AFC Bournmouth v Everton FA Cup 5th round 20th Feb 2016

Everton go south hoping to make the quarter finals. Written by Sapie88.

Hello gang, me again sorry.

So another walk in the park against lower league opposition, Bob wasn’t too happy but alas we move on.

It was noted in the last preview that you all like a short one (Ooh Matron) so I fully intend on keeping this one quite brief too.

Bournemouth, I’ve been once and all I vaguely remember about the place is it had a Harry Ramsdens, it’s sort of like a scruffy Blackpool of the south, without a tower (Use of word scruff to keep the Chico element alive).

We all remember what happened last time we played them, last minute winner, nope, Everton out Everton-ed themselves that day. The meffs across the park dined out on a picture of some lid in a pair of Lonsdale slip-ons and we all synchronised swore.

To be fair I don’t know a lot else more about Bournemouth, I think there’s a tank museum down there.

Now on to Everton. What even are we? Just when I thought we were coming good, back to back 3-0 league wins, excited, oh no let’s lose at home to Tony Pulis’ West Brom. We definitely now have to prioritise the FA Cup, we’ve got F all else to play for in reality.

Hopefully I’ll be bringing you another one of these Speedy Sapie Previews in a few weeks time and hopefully we’ll get someone jarg who I know a bit about!!!

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