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Mirallas: “I’m 90%”

Kevin Mirallas has confirmed the reason he didn’t start Everton’s last two games was because of pain in his ankle and considers himself 90% fit.

Mirallas: The reason I didn’t start the last two games was because I have pain in my ankle,” he explained.

“It’s difficult, because some days it is good, and some days it is not so good.

“Before the West Ham game I spoke with the manager, and he told me that when I came off the bench I had to make the difference. That gave me confidence and made me feel good.

“Even though we were playing 10 versus 11 in that game, it was no problem. After the red card, the team played very well and scored two goals. Those last five minutes were difficult for me though.”

“Some days I train normally, some days I can’t. It has been difficult in the last two weeks.

“After the Stoke City game [on Boxing Day], I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t start against Newcastle. I did 30 minutes in that game but I still felt bad. And after the first game against West Ham, I did not feel fit.

“I have seen a specialist from Belgium about it. He came two days before the last game, and you can see I felt better after that. He worked his magic.

“I think in 10 days I will feel 100 per cent. But for now, it is 90 per cent. The main thing is that I am able to play.”

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