A well timed win away at Upton Park was slightly marred by the harsh red card for Darron Gibson at the end.

If allowed to stand then he´d miss three important games over the Christmas period which can be ill afforded with Fellaini out for two of those games.

In his post match comments David Moyes said: “I think I will appeal. I don´t think you could say it would be frivolous. Most people would say there is a genuine case. ´

´You have got to be careful you don´t end up getting more games, but I don´t think that would be the case for either Gibson or Cole. I think both have got good cases for being rescinded.”

Whether that will be in time for Wigan is a different thing. The bones are being picked out of it on the forum if you´ve got some time to fill right now. If not then Merry Christmas.

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