Bolton vs Everton

Thick and fast now brother, as the good ship Premiership sails from port to port. Although this week´s port would be Mogadishu and you´d be swerving your shore leave.

You´ll see better teeth on pirates than on the good folk of Bolton too.The week is passing so far without any email leaks or takeover high jinks drama as we now have the onset on a supposedly winnable sequence of games. Just in time for Chrimbo too. It´s worth remembering that this Everton.

A much needed win against Wolves had many chewing down to their cuticles. You can tell that there is not a lot of confidence around the team and the standard of football is a bit turgid. A moody penalty won it in the end and we´ll need to be a lot better on the weekend to the Owen Coyle Roadshow. Last year the bells in the media were tripping over themselves to lavish praise on the cheap tanned tracksuit manager, who smiles but not with his eyes. He done a sterling job too, immediately taking over a poor team and getting results while playing some really nice football. Now he´s in the bottom three with what I believe they call second season syndrome, really similar to what happened with Moyes following finishing seventh in his first full year. Similar to us his chairman Phil Gartside – a cocktail of Ming the Merciliess and an Oompa Loompa – has stuck by him. Nice to see in an age where BBC Live Text were already prompting talk of Villa Boas getting sacked one month after they considered him the next Mourinho.

That all said it will be a tough game up there, in the vast wilderness of wool, t´Reebok superbowl which sticks out a bit as it was the first new building erected in Bolton since 1947. Bolton have been on the back of some reet sh*te performances this season so far, I´m sure many of you will recognise the anxiety of the home crowd if things don´t quite go their way from the offset. Hopefully we´ll show more ambition than Wolves did. They did however beat Stoke 5-0 in their last game at home which is some indication of what they can do when it clicks.

They are devoid of real top class players if you discount Gary Cahill who´s a cracking defender on his day. Klasnic is top scoring with six goals in the league so far and has troubled us in the past. We could have done worse than Chris Eagles who has done well on his return to the Premiership, he´s an effective player whether scoring or setting up on from the sides of midfield and will need to be watched, Tony. Who would have thought that the fleet footed Southampton striker who scored a boss goal at Goodison 14 years ago would turn into a giant one paced ham? Step forward Kevin Davies. I´d be feeling a bit more comfortable with Distin back for him and his moody grock play. I´d be surprised if they were in any real trouble at the end of the season, and besides, it´s hardly like were out of the woods is it?Scoring goals is a real problem this year as neither Saha or Cahill are firing/arsed. I think it was the intention to play Cahill as part of a forward two last week but he gets sucked into the middle which is his game. He really needs to be punching the living crap out of corner flag soon and kick on. Vellios scored two mid week for the reserves and I think we could do worse than start him up front with Saha just behind, if you remember back the rusty haired Frenchman done better for a period here with Beckford in front of him. Saha is miles better with the ball in front of him rather than his back to goal, and we do have a semblance of width with Drenthe and Coleman so having Vellios in the middle to aim for would be no hardship.

t´s a personal thing but I don´t get people who relish our players playing for their international teams, probably my apathy towards international football doesn´t help but Rodwell missing out is another example of that. From the words uttered in the press it´s doubtful that he´ll start again this weekend. Osman will need to play better than last week if he wants to hold that role in the middle, I thought it was a bit mental when Moyes highlighted him as being one of the best players on the pitch. If Distin is fit I still can´t see him being brought back in although as referenced above I´d be more comfortable with him all over Kevin Davies. Let´s face it, Luke Moran has had more clean sheets this season than us.

Consecutive wins have been in short supply for us for a period of time now. The league again this year is a tight one, and seeing Everton on page 1/2 of Ceefax makes your whole weekend a better one. Watch them pirates. Come you blue boys.

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