Over the hills and far far away

So you’ve probably been reading stuff, things and stuff, on this world wide web in the past few days and been excited yet cynical. The cyber world of Everton is awash with rumour of rich people from the sub continent taking us over.

Some of you would consider it prudent to dismiss it as another flight of fantasy with its origin being some bored beaut off twitter looking to gain a few followers or do an elaborate hoax that’s about as funny as Lee Evans, to anyone north of Luton. And yet many of you will allow yourself to dream a little, and get into bed with the what ifs. But then your daydreams have probably been trading off what ifs for quite some time now.

We seemed to have peaked in an underwhelming defeat in the FA Cup where it was highlighted what all them millions of dollars buy you; players who win tight games. The following year we suffered two defeats in twenty four games and we thought this again was a springboard. We spend the following summer fending off offers for our best players, paranoid about another Lescott in the squad and left ourselves handing out contracts that we couldn’t afford. The following season started with a Tim Howard error and you knew that it wouldn’t turn out as planned. Derby County or Nottingham Forest doesn’t happen these days like then, since the big money arrived.

[We don’t suffer from the misplaced sense of entitlement that infects that lot over the park, who just look like a bunch of self obsessed tits. What were enduring at the moment is due to in large more than twenty years of financial mismanagement from those that run the club, it’s quite sobering after becoming disillusioned at finishing fourth under Colin Harvey.

So where to now? What the club needs is a simple combination of long term planning, ambition and some money. Rather than just turning over, and hoping that we either breed three galacticos at Finch Farm or that this Financial Fair Play thing is Wonka’s golden ticket. Which you and I both know it won’t be.

So what if, those two words again, there was someone seriously interested in Everton and had sufficient money to at least allow us to try and compete? It would probably be modest so it wouldn’t be the Chelsea or City path but then I doubt many of us would want the circus that would come with that. Were not a collective tolerator of knobheads when it comes to who wears our royal blue.

I’ve been more than critical of Moyes of late but it’s not too easy to maintain a team in the top half of the table when your budget for players relies on selling before purchasing. If he got some spends and was suddenly started taking an Uzi to a gunfight then the expectations would go with it, and it would be interesting to see how it panned out. The excuses wouldn´t wash for long either. We’ve got a good foundation of players, we’re just missing that quality you get from spending some money. Apologies James, but thanks for Kharkiv all the same.

I wrote some other tosh not so long ago about the end of the second team of the Moyes era now breaking up and pondering what the third one would be like, I think by now it’s clear it wouldn’t be as good as the previous one. Our resources dictate a large part, even if it is accompanied by tiresome approach to some games.

Going backwards takes away some of that hope thing that prompts you to drive down the M6 when you can’t be arsed to an away game, or get up at a ridiculous time on the other side of the world to tune in to a game you just know we’ll get battered in. It’s a bit obsessive isn’t it?

We’re all a bit obsessive, hence why many of you reading this have chosen to create a crap username to come online and talk anonymously to other people about your love for a sports club. That makes you statistically one eighth on your way to being a serial killer, probably.

Nothing brings a sounder glow to your being than an Everton team doing boss things. It’s been a while since we’ve had a sustainable period of this occurring. I’m not arsed if they’re Indian, American, Libyan or British. I’d just love someone who thought that this club was something worth investing in and growing, because it is.

At the moment it’s all what ifs, but you never know.

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