Fulham v Everton

Looking forward to this then? Me neither. Any semblance of optimism seems to have been sucked out of us collectively over the past three games.

All compounded with a rat tailed cherry on top of this big crap cake in the form of James McFadden to the rescue.

Lets try and have some perspective in that Chelsea are a top side with world class players, it doesn´t excuse however a tepid Everton turning up with seemingly the hope of keeping the damage to a minimum. It was as if the ghost of Walter Smith had manifested itself in our dug out.

Fulham then next, a far from happy hunting ground in a location not too far from last weekend´s matinee of meh.

Under Jol they´ve made a pretty average start to the season which is backed up when you look at a starting eleven which screams mid table. They do however play some nice attacking stuff at home which is the type of recipe which gives modern day Everton considerable heart burn. Lets hope we swerve this whole playing to draw thing were trying our damnedest to be proficient in.

They´ve got a whiff of redsh*te past about them in the toeying Norwegian ginger and Danny Murphy, the latter who´s picked up an injury and is not likely to start on Sunday. Hangeland is a really reliable centre half at the back and will need to be as Jol teams are not re-known for their tight defences. He´s somewhat of an anti-Moyes if you will.

Zamora when fit is useful up front but hyped beyond all belief by them bells on that BBC live text so everyone thinks he´s boss. Don´t get me wrong he´d get a game for us but then that´s hardly saying anything with our talent up front, which includes Fulham ex boy Saha. Speaking of ex players they´ve got Andy Johnson who has started the season well before he inevitably succumbs to the gravitational pull of the corner flags as we witnessed for a couple of seasons. Completing their attacking threat is the jarg American Le Tissier, Clint Dempsey who looks ace one game in ten.

We can wrap up Fulham without reference to the mad bastard chairman. Imagine this outside Goodison? I´ll skip past the Dirty Diana ambiguity, if you kindly allow me.

Who will start for us? Well, you have a good idea probably, so will anyone who´s watched us for a while. Whilst it´s important not to go too over the top on the back of three bad games there have been some consistent poor performers who could do with a game or two on the bench. Especially as we have some decent players on the bench to take their place.

Up front, Cahill and Saha haven´t managed a goal between them this season. Vellios has come off the bench and scored two. The rest is science. One thing I do hope is that we don´t revert to type and play McFadden on the left. He´s as good out there as Osman is and always was. Plus we have Drenthe chomping at the bit to get on there, with that pace thing we so lack.

Coleman is playing himself into frustration too, maybe it´s just that he hasn´t got it in his locker for the real top teams but he needs to be a real pain in the arse down the right like we know he can. Fellaini and Rodwell should start in the middle although that little part of your brain you hate is telling you that Neville could come into contention.

At the back, it wouldn´t be any harm to mix things up. Jagielka and Distin aren´t keeping clean sheets and we have Heitinga sat there to step in, I wouldn´t be surprised if he starts. Baines hasn´t looked like his old self recently, maybe it´s something to do with the dirge that we generally place in front of him on the left?

There is a general intolerance from Evertonians at watching any of their teams go out and not try to win a game. We´ve seen that a bit too much in the preceding three games. I don´t care about going into a gun fight with a knife or how much the opposition have spent on their centre forward I just want us to get into them as we have better players still than the majority of teams in this division. Throw into the mix Fulham returning from a harsh game on Thursday in Europe, the last thing they´ll want is someone trying to snot them.

We´ve not really got going this season again which in itself should be asking some harsh questions. When Moyes took over we were refreshed by watching us attack teams with some vigour. Lately and no doubt helped by having zero to spend on players it´s all gone a bit flat and defeatist. Lets swerve the player talk on twitter, the echo and the like and see what really matters, eleven royal blue shirts turning up on Sunday and playing like they give a general f*ck.

Over to you.

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