Transfer Deadline Day: a review.

Wow. So it´s over then and a far contrast from our collective assumption the day before that we´d neither sell nor buy anyone.

Some think what we done yesterday was good business and will provide us with the fresh faces we´ve been crying out for. Some of you feel like you´ve been to a frivolous swingers party. It´s out of character for us and we´ve got caught up in the moment, giving and taking. Then a huge lid came in and roughly took us in our hazy state. We´ve woke this morning feeling a bit confused and hurt.

Quickly moving on, a recap:


Beckford (jet heeled striker, control of a cow, neck tattoo, scores like) to Leicester for 3-4m.

Yakubu (lead heeled striker, used to be wonderful on his own up front, crap since achilles exploded, big smile) to Blackburn for 1.5m.

Arteta (talented midfielder, used to be sensational, got injured and a pay rise, tremendous hair) to Arsenal for 10m.


Denis Stracqualursi (Argentina´s top scorer, a grock with stepovers, looks like an elongated Tevez) in from Tigres on loan for the season.

Royston Drenthe (lightening left winger, stepovers all over the show, could be a bit of a bad ted, dreads) in from Real Madrid on a season long loan, he´s a free agent at the end of it.

So there you have it. Dazed? Confused? Want to know where the next party is going to be held? You could do worse than heading to our forum and discussing it with like minded weirdos there.

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