Transfer Deadline Update. 7.41pm.

It´s all been going on.

17 Arteta leaving banners have just been jibbed off in the past twenty minutes. Arsenal wanted him, presumably to replace Fabregas and everyone in the media had an opinion on it. Frenzy. Twitter nearly ate itself.

Hastily assessed formations were posted online to show how we could cope by shifting Drenthe here and there. Speaking of which, he´s coming now from Real Madrid.

So, recap.

Beckford apparently on his way to Leicester.

going to Blackburn.

Denis Stracqualursi (tall striker, top scorer in Argentina last season, looks boss on youtube) signing on loan for a year.

Royston Drenthe (wide Dutch player, fast, step overs all over the show, shoots like cow) on loan from Real Madrid.

Mikel Arteta (midfielder who mostly now passes mostly sideways, crap set piece taking, was ace a while ago, nice hair) was the subject of a bid from Arsenal. Now they don´t want him probably due to price. Possibly all of it made up to boost ratings on Sky News.

It´s times like these.

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