Transfer Deadline Update 4pm

Hmmmm. Does Transfer Deadline Day do your head in too? All the tedious puns and language they use. The various blogs or live update things revelling in clearly jarg rumours from bells on twitter? Second cousins working at an airport are very 2007, and it wasn´t funny then.

Anyway, quick digest to cut through the crap. Thus far like.

We´re seemingly in the process of signing the Argentinian League´s top scorer last season, Denis Stracqualursi. Hey, you wanted a big name striker didn´t you?

Jermaine Beckford, Sat Nav permitting, is heading to Leicester to sign in a deal over 4m.

Yakubu is close to signing permanently for Blackburn. There was something mentioned about 5m but that´s ludicrous.

GrandOldTeam understands there´s apparently one more to come in today too. More as we get it.

You can keep up to date with things, and laugh at a plethora of weird viewpoints on here.

As you were.

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