Bartering for Barton?

It would seem that as a fanbase recently we can´t agree on much, and as is the case with the news that Joey Barton will be available on a free.

Newcastle have made him available on a free transfer today due to his continual comments on twitter (perhaps apt?) showing displeasure with the owners of the club.

He fits our profile of being able to play on the side of midfield and being, well, free. On the flip side there is a lot of baggage, potential wage demands and a passionate blue who may not toe the party line if he finds internal life at L4 not to his liking.

Anyway, if you want to discuss it and keep up to date then bookmarking the below link would be quite useful as we generally have some reliable types who give us little titbits of information. We also have various charlatans who quite frankly know nothing and may do your head in.

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