A biased look at West Bromwich Albion v Everton

Second to last game of a weird season, but one that we look like finishing higher than last season.

There´ll be no European reward but compared to three months ago it´s a lot better than what we were expecting.

Super comeback on the weekend that, considering City looked that they would do a job on us before we secured the customary six points off the classless bells. Was also really funny to read loads of comments from City fans highlighting the game as our cup final. They do have a cup final this weekend which should be interesting. If the final was over two legs (which news of a certain Beatle´s engagement this week suggests that some aren´t) then you´d favour City but the watching Tony Pullis will have noticed that they don´t like the rough stuff. Anyway, good luck Stoke.

Next up are West Brom who provided a real low point of the season for us with a 4-1 win at Goodison under Roberto DiMatteo who didn´t last long though and was hastily scrubbed off that managersidliketoreplaceMoYlEz.xls document you´ve got stashed on your PC somewhere. The manager that just wasn´t good enough for Liverpool, lar, has come in and they´re been pretty ace since then apart from an unexpected defeat to fellow slow speakers Wolves on the weekend. Anyway, no easy game this.

They´re not a squad full of shining stars but play well as a cohesive unit. Supposed one time target for us, Odemwingie, has had a really good first season there and is not shy of a goal or two. Scottish midfielder Morrison, who looks like an extra from a gypsy wedding, has plenty of craft and can hurt teams on his day. And Paul Scharner. Don´t forget to lump on the pervy looking beaut for any time goal scorer.

Unfortunately, hot on the heels of "The Poznan" in our last game, I´d consider it prudent to warn you that you may be exposed the Black Country offering. Namely the boing boing. Is it too much to expect to go to a match without having our senses assaulted by some sort of zany collective ritual that makes a group of grown men look like utter bells?

Now hopefully the second half Everton will turn up for this. I don´t even know which team were likely to put out but I´d like to see us go with Beckford from the start. He just looks like he´s got that scoring thing in him that we seem to struggle with. Anichebe seems to won a few hearts and minds for actually running a bit in the game. I don´t want to demean his efforts as he had a good game but this type of game is the type of one that he has to make a difference in if we are to start believing he´s gonna be a positive for us in the future.

My only other preference would be to see Osman starting in a central role as to put it plainly; he´s earned it. He´s been a real leading light since the departure of Pienaar, well in Leon.

And that´s that. Our last away of the season. May the sun shine, the beer be cold and EFC do all manner of boss things that makes you really love them from time to time.

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