Everton v Manchester City

Into the final three we go as the blue half of Manchester pay a trip to Walton.

The Wigan game was not part of the inspiring gallop to the end of season that we expected. Quite the contrary as we looked far too pedestrian at times despite having some good footballers on the pitch. Wigan were awful but we were blighted by our old nemesis of this season, namely being inconsistent, and dogsh*t up front.

City and Everton used to enjoy a cordial relationship based on our similarities, except we´d won some stuff over sustained periods. The arms across the M62 evaporated when they got bought over by obscenely rich arabs. I mean how dare they? The bad blood between the two clubs was cemented with the Lescott tug of war, which we lost. The thing was that their then manager and a large portion of of their online ultras behaved like bad smug bells. We´ve further antagonised their masses by somehow always beating them at their place.

They have got a fantastic array of talented players and their ability to play fantasy football every summer will naturally draw a great deal of envy from those around them. I don´t pity Mancini´s job as he´s continually three games from the sack and always comes across as a decent sort. Balotelli is wonderfully nuts. This is likely to be one game too early for Tevez which is a good thing as on his day he´s fantastic. De Jong and Kompany are under rated and Yaya Toure is a complete midfielder who´s had a good first season.

We can´t speak about them without having to tackle their penchant for "The Posnan". Bad,bad teds. It´s something they picked up from Europe, where they failed to follow the standard procedures for newly participating in the UEFA Cup, which we excelled at:
Act dead cool so you look like you belong, rave over the playmaker from the Balkans and his boss through balls, get wildly excited over gubbing some average team and then go out to the first decent team you meet. Get with the script City ffs.

We´ve got some players back now, well Arteta and Cahill, so Moyes has some options. One of which I hope is not Anichebe, can we not get a super injunction on him being in the starting eleven? I´d go all radical and start Beckford up front with Osman behind him, Cahill hasn´t done anything to warrant a start lately, probably not helped by being injured. Neville and Rodwell offer the predictable directional passing range of FIFA 95, until Fellaini is back there´s not many alternatives though. We need Arteta to look like he did on the left briefly before his hamstring broke down and an aggressive Coleman on the right so we have some attacking intent. Can´t see any change in the defence, but hope Baines gets over his blip on the weekend, we´ll need him.

It´s a fixture we´ve done well in and one that has a bit of needle. There´s a little pack of clubs gathering below us which could derail the traditional end of season face saving exercise. You´d consider the voices of discontent to be that bit more shoutier if we finished eleventh rather than seventh, which is worryingly plausible.

Anyway, get right into them Everton.

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