Man Utd vs Everton

17 points out of 21 have brought some credibility to a season and may take some of the initial edge off the forthcoming mandatory summer of discontent.

Blackburn were utter cack and from looking at the general mood of their fans I shouldn´t imagine it´s too long before the usual protest movement comes to a cheap plasma screen near you. Venky´s always had a whiff of tits about them from the offset, but I clearly remember them beauts pretending to be blasé about visiting Wembley for the Charity Shield in 1996 so I consider it korma (sic).

We´ve looked miles better since we´ve had a few prominent lids out injured as it´s seemingly had a galvanising effect on the team with a few of the fringe players having to step up. Without wanting to put a dampener of it, we have played some sh*te teams in that spell so this weekend´s game should be a better yardstick to see if we´re suddenly ace again.

United will be smarting somewhat from being dumped out of the FA Cup semi final by the bad scruffs they share a city with. Deserved too, once City clicked in gear they had United on the back foot. You´d guess they´ll be a different proposition at Old Trafford on the back of that result and chasing a historic 19th league title.

Rooney returns from his two match ban for being a bit of a prick and kicking off at a cameraman. He´s been in good form lately so will have to be watched closely. Nani, who looks like a Pontins Michael Jackson tribute, has trouble staying on his feet but really makes them tick this season. He´s a huge creative influence and Hibbert will need to be at his annoying best to contain him.

There may be an enforced change this week with Heitinga´s hamstring seemingly going. I thought Rodwell done well and used the ball well when he came on so he´s likely to start. The only other changes may be on the flanks. Arteta is expected to be fit for this game and Coleman will have a week´s training under him. They importantly have a bit more snide in their tackle which will come in useful in the wide areas at Old Trafford. It´s often levelled that Osman fails to show in the big games (although he was excellent in some big games last year), we´ll need him continuing his recent form for this.

Not so long ago this fixture would have been as welcome as two men necking in a Soho pub. There´s permutations of Europe flying around everywhere with City in the FA Cup Final and allegations of Birmingham´s financial position being dire. Sack that and keep up doing what were doing, just one game at a time Blues.

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