Wolverhampton Wanderers v Everton

Everton B travel to to the slow talking town of Wolverhampton for this weekend´s early kick off as we enter the final straight of the season.

The Villa game could have turned out a lot worse, you got that feeling that it wasn´t meant to be our day until Jagielka danced through like a crap Kanchelskis and paid homage to Ashley Young. It leaves us on the tail coats of das redscheizen but worryingly with a tight pack of clubs directly behind us.

It´s weird as the bad injuries have injected some interest a season that was petering out, albeit in a loftier position that we expected. Probably something to do with not having any real new signings for to get excited about for a while, but Gueye and Vellios were nice to gawp at even if their contributions were a tad over played by some. Here´s hoping they continue to be a positive influence around the team for the remainder of the season.

Wolves sit second to bottom and a fresh from a 4-1 pumping at the hands Noocasslefutbaklubman which would leave you in no doubt of the gravity of your current situation as they´re no great shakes. What we have to consider is that at home Wolves are a really decent, tidy team. They´re beat United and City there this season, held Spurs and beat Chelsea. While King Kenny´s Big Red Revolution beat them convincingly, that´s been an exception at Molyneux.

I´m really surprised Wolves are down there, they´ve got some promising players. Managed by Mick, who looks like a weird cocktail of Beaker from Sesame St and Christopher Lee, they have struggled for any real consistency. Take Jarvis and the injured Doyle, they´d do well for us and they´ve come away from Goodison for two years in a row now with a deserved point.

The injury list is a bit rum. Fellaini, Saha, Rodwell, Arteta and Cahill were missed in some shape or form against Villa. You feel as safe having a Neville and Heitinga pairing in the centre of the park as you would living 20km, as the scorched albino crow flies, from a Japanese nuclear plant. Beckford didn´t do much to inspire as he will never will playing up front on his own so maybe Cahill will make this one back. Osman, despite missing some real piss easy chances, played well and will need to have on of his better days. If Coleman isn´t fit then I think Gueye will be handed a start. Defence will remain unchanged and Howard make may one day prevent a goal when the opposition striker is clean through, despite it has to be said, him taking some really important crosses later on in the game.

The American non long shot stopper was talking up our chances of finishing above the Red Sox II this week. All well and good but no one is going to be convinced if we go to places like Wolves and give a half arsed outing. Over to you Everton.

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