Everton v Fulham

Another home game as Fulham and their brogue wearing, famed and feared, mob handed twenty three fans come to L4.

It felt a bit weird to look at the league table and see us in ninth place. Or as it were, page 1/2 of Ceefax which was infinitely better than Oracle. For those of you under the age of 17, think of it as the internet´s biological dar, but on the telly. Were currently five points of an unlikely respectable finish this season and six points away from disaster. I think the over riding emotion is a lot of meh as we predictably failed to collect three points from another average team to come to Goodison this season against Birmingham.

Fulham are made of marginally sterner stuff and sit two points behind us, they will all too aware that if you sit deep at Goodison it´s likely you´ll come away with at least a point. They´re on a bit of a run in the league too, unbeaten in the last six games and in that period getting results against Spurs, Chelsea and City away.

Their squad is devoid of any real outstanding players but after a very slow start it would seem that their wire haired tit of a manager has got them playing well as a team. It´s weird with Fulham as you expected Al-Fayed´s little ego trip to fade out after a while but he´s still hanging on in there possibly in the hope that the association with an English football club will somehow help his passport application. If not then the statue of Michael Jackson outside Craven Cottage should gain him popular public opinion. Don´t rule out Fulham moonwalking out to Black and White next season, someone tell the DJ that Dirty Diana is off the playlist.

With Fellaini, Arteta, Cahill and Neville out it won´t inspire positive thinking from many of our fans. Especially we watched us huff and puff to a point last time out. Leon is our saviour, exhibit A. What I would like to see is Saha really put himself about instead of sometimes having application of a seventeen year old playing for the U-14s. It´s likely to be two up top again with Beckford pitched slightly ahead of him.
We come back again to Jack Rodwell who with the more defensive minded Heitinga playing alongside him, will need to show more attacking intent. There really is no better time to take your opportunity than with the players we have out. Osman to his credit has been one of our better players in the last few games and the only real poser Moyes has is to put him on the opposite side of midfield to either Coleman or Bilyaletdinov. The former I reckon. The defence should remain unchanged.

OK, maybe you´ll start to feel excited by about Friday evening then.

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