Everton v Birmingham

Who knows? With the side this season being more bi-polar than Charlie Sheen it is hard to make any predictions or have any real, solid aspirations.

So one game at a time it is, as we go into a really crucial stage of the season with four out of the next five games at home.

Great win up north that though, a few glimpses of the old Everton. Not the one that plays some boss football but is tosh in the final third, but a dogged performance which – lets be honest – we should have been won by a few more. Oh and before we leave the issue of Nucasslle alone, sniff it Nolan you prick.

Attentions turned towards Birmingham now who are trying to out do us in the schizophrenia stakes. Cup Champions last week (which we´d sell our second born for), blown away by West Brom at home this week and the media leaking that the jive talking Hong Kong lid who took them over is applying for some mad overdrafts. Don´t rule out some war crimes there either, he has more than a whiff of it about him.

Birmingham slipped into the bottom three on the weekend which should increase their anxiety going into the match. They impressed last season as they gave us three tough games and put us out of the cup, in comparison to our first win this season where they weren´t all that at St Andrews.

Johnson and Dann have been the bedrock of the team but the latter, a kopite and all, is ruled out for the rest of the season a la Fellaini. Deputising will be Liam Ridgewell who looks like the pikey love child of Mike Newell and Gareth Southgate. One paced perma target David Bentley is on loan from Spurs and will have to be watched as he likes a whack from anywhere around the box and rat faced sh*thouse Bowyer is still playing there. Also on loan is Obafemi Martins, a veritable Stuart Barlow on steds.

We would seem to have another injury worry in Phil Neville who limped off to be replaced by Heitinga, who I wish someone would have a word with about trying to take on the oppositions defence when you´re sat on a lead deep into injury time. I can´t see Beckford and Saha being changed up front.

It was just lovely to see Arteta have a really good game, lets keep him there. Rodwell really didn´t take his chance last game out, which is a worry as his potential is remaining just that at the moment, this is the type of game where he needs to really have a genuine influence on. Especially as we´re a bit short in that area now. The defence didn´t do too much wrong so you´d expect the status quo to remain although I´d much rather see Coleman slotted in at right back than Hibbert for a game where the onus should be on us to attack.

Anyway, book your therapist for Thursday and prepare to fume, probably.

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