About Us

About Us
The humble beginnings!

GrandOldTeam began its journey on the 5th February 2007 with the intention of providing a 'sound' forum, a user-friendly place which would allow Evertonians from across the world to log on to and discuss the Toffees - and anything else for that matter!

While the aim was never to become the biggest Everton community on the net, we always took great pride in the friendly atmosphere unique to GrandOldTeam and our priority has always remained the same - to provide the very best place on the web for fans worldwide to congregate to discuss Everton Football Club.

GrandOldTeam prides itself on offering Everton fans a place for intelligent and respectful debate about the issues that matter to them, offering a feature-rich, intelligent and moderated forum for our readers to share their own personal views on all things Everton FC related. We're enormously proud of the websites ethos, one which we thinks accurately represents the Evertonian community as the very best in the World and it's with little surprise that since its creation, friendships have formed through GrandOldTeam, with Blues from around the world meeting up in person with Everton always the centre point of discussion!

We are not politically motivated and endeavour to ensure that the website is ‘inclusive’, allowing all Everton fans to voice their opinions. We don't impose our own views or use the website as a vehicle to inflate ego and/or promote an agenda, which is exactly why you will not see us lending weight behind any fan campaign. It's not our place. After all, we're a platform for fans, nothing more... To remain independent, we can not support one set of fans against another, so we simply do not promote any political fan campaign.

In January 2011 we introduced a full website to add to our forums. GrandOldTeam is constantly growing through a combination of quality content and football debate; strategic search engine promotion and Internet marketing; public relations activity and representing the fans viewpoint to the club and mainstream media.

What's in a name?

The website derives its name of course, from the renowned Everton 'GrandOldTeam' song/fan chant. You might then, initially be a tad confused when you notice, read and hear 'GOT'. Unintentionally, GrandOldTeam become affectionately (or lazily), abbreviated to "GOT" or 'G' 'O' 'T'.

Time Line
"Monumental" moments..

5th February 2007 - Established.
13th September 2007 - Affiliation with ToffeeWeb who utilised GrandOldTeam as their forum.
5th February 2008 - 1 year old! 950 members accumulated 97,810 posts
5th February 2009 - 2 years old! 4,539 members accumulated 270,377 posts
5th February 2010 - 3 years old! 7,189 members accumulated 482,908 posts
31st August 2010 - Paddy Power become GrandOldTeams exclusive online betting partner
9th January 2011 - Website launched!
5th February 2011 - 4 years old! 9,143 members accumulated 735,329 posts
22nd May 2011 - Double-Award Winning! GrandOldTeam won both the Readers Choice and Editors Choice awards for best English Premier League Club Forum.
25th July 2011 - New Crest! Unveiling of new crest
24th December 2011 - 1 million forum posts.
08th January 2012 - 10,000 twitter followers
5th February 2012 - 5 years old! 12,336 members accumulated 1,061,248 posts
07th March 2012 - 100,000 Facebook Fans
15th May 2012 - Double-Award Winning! GrandOldTeam won (and retained) both the Readers Choice and Editors Choice awards for best English Premier League Club Forum.
23rd July 2012 - 20,000 twitter followers
5th February 2013 - 6 years old! 16,925 members accumulated 1,697,112 posts
21st May 2013 - Award Winning! GrandOldTeam won (and retained) the Readers Choice award for best English Premier League Club Forum.


Over the years we've been lucky enough to have had a fair few nice things said about us, below is a selection;

Dutch Toffee: Without any shadow of a doubt the best Everton forum on the world wide web. It's a tight knit community with a case of mutual respect. Lots of friendly banter and complete (strictly positive) mayhem in a cyber place gone nuts. Join up and you won't be dissapointed. GOT the place to be for Evertonians worldwide (even Scousers).

Spikeman: There are no words for how boss the forum is.

best little spaniard: Without doubt one of the friendliest places on the net. It's a fairly tight knit community, but it's not exclusive to anyone, which is great. I have to comment on the standard of modding on here. It's not heavy handed, but almost always chooses the right time to step in, or whatever. It's great. And above all, it's funny as fcuk.

bigbadjeff: Best Everton forum bar none, made many friends over the water on this forum and some good contacts. None of the vindictive personal abuse you get on other forums and if it does happen the mods clamp down on it quickly.

bluebloodinmyveins: I love this place. I've even moved my couch into the Ale house. If you love Everton and you love fun, then you have both here. Come sit on my couch and talk about whatever crops up. Oh and bring a few cans, and a take away.

deathbyropeandglass: I'd say the best thing you could say about GrandOldTeam is that its damn near impossible to say anything bad. Once you get used to the style on here its a great place for some online hanging out.

Whitebootman: For me this is the best place to keep up with Everton while living away from Merseyside. It's informative, informal, irreverent, inclusive, well administered, fun, and most of all reflects the spirit of Goodison. It's a community that has become a valued part of my life.

chicoazul: A really super site for food debate, occasional Everton chat, popcorn and casual homosexuality.

Aztattooedfootballfan: I will say that before Everton found me that I was just a lurker on many different clubs forums just really soaking in the English League and just seeing what all the teams and supporters were like. I can safely say that along with Everton being such an amazing and fun club to support that this forum has to be the best forum I have ever been a part of with out a doubt. Every one was very open to new members. There wasn't some feeling of resistance towards new members. There is always interesting conversations both about Everton, football, and non football topics. There isn't a lot of bickering amongst members. Heck, I have never seen a forum where other team's supporters could come in during match week and have constructive conversations and it doesn't get out of hand. I love hearing the old time Everton stories from the supporters who have been supporting the club for a long time. I guess I have rambled on enough. I am just glad that I luckily found this forum.

Republic Of Leodensia: Place full of fans who are without a doubt dedicated to their team. Kind and friendly to people from all over, whether they be Scouse, Cockney, Dutch, American, Irish or even Wool. A few people on here don't even support Everton, including myself, but are still made to feel welcome. Some good banter as well.

uknightbreed: I used to use 2 or 3 web sites to talk about everton fc but since using i just G.O.T and go !

mezzrow: I laugh at least once and learn at least one thing every time I come onto G.O.T. I'm beginning to understand that what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

Cena_is_an_Evertonian: GOT is by far and away the most entertaining, majestic thing on the internet for me.

gibbergibb: Have been a member of GOT in its various forms for ages, have visited many other forums, and this is the ONLY one I visit regularly. Top Notch Forum where everyone is welcome. Just bring a tin hat and some popcorn!

Bryan: Boss website, the free women you get sent round to your house is a nice touch.

Rugby Toffee: Been a member for over a year now, and have cyberally met many characters on here, shared laughter , tears and frustrations many a time. I maybe not a regular poster with controversial views etc , but I would just like to say each and everyone of you have made we welcome and are all part of my Everton experience. Thanks to Danny & all for making it all possible.

ChicagoToffee: I feel dirty if I don't check in with GOT. Best bits: If you're not an Everton supporter, you're welcome as long as you're not in on a wind up. Good posts are respected regardless of the source. Might be the best place on the interweb to learn scouse.

RadioFriendlyUnitShifter: One hour in and no one's insulted my mother. I think that's the highest praise an internet forum can receive.

Bundy: My life was dull and full of nothing new but then I found GrandOldTeam. This fun and happening website really filled in those mundane working hours when you really should be doing something constructive. Through this website I have increased my vocabulary and learned of new cultures and other ways of life. The British people are fun and gay, in the new sense of the word, but if you over look these shortfalls this web site really can be a source of entertainment for all ages, if you are over 15. Thank you GrandOldTeam for making my day just that little bit brighter.

bluebastardo: The forum is warm and welcoming, and very well moderated, but most of all is the sheer friendliness of the members, and their pride in making it a great place to visit, and indeed make yourself at home there shines through. I've been a member there since July, after trying out various other Everton related forums, and can sincerely say that is by far the most enjoyable experience of them all. Mature discussion, friendly banter, generous sharing of knowledge, and a warm reception for other fans from many different clubs. The facilities there are top-notch too, and the forum incredibly well organised. On a whole, the admin team, members, and forum are a credit to Everton Football Club, and it's great to see ToffeeWeb and GrandOldTeam as one. Superb guys! Have a great New Year and thanks for all the hard work and effort on both sites.

formerly manx toffee: ...does anyone remember a late 70's sitcom called 'soap''s just like this in here. Come home from work, have tea, switch on the athletics, read GOT. bugger me if you don't just spend a day away and the plot's completely different when you get back, bannings, slatings, heckles. Takes all my stress away, too much giggling to worry about work..... love this place !!

They Think Its All Over: It's nice to find an Everton forum where people aren't always at each others throats and where actual interesting discussion takes place, as opposed to certain other club forums. I've been an Everton fan all my life, had a season ticket in the Park End from the age of 5 until my parents moved our family to New Zealand when I was seventeen. I still follow Everton religiously from this side of the planet, and owe a debt of gratitude to GOT and other internet sites for enabling me to keep in touch with the thing that I miss most from England: Everton FC.

GrandOldTeam is 100 per cent unofficial, completely independent, funded and managed by Everton fans for fellow Blues. GrandOldTeam is not affiliated to any other Everton FC related fans’ networks, websites or organisations. The views and opinions on GrandOldTeam in no way represent the views of Everton Football Club. Moreover, the views and opinions within the website are not always those of GrandOldTeam and should be attributed to the contributor.

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