On The Eve of The Battle

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Damo W, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Damo W

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    Watching the Everton Passion clip got me thinking what would your eve of the battle speech be.

    It may be difficult to read but think of the Scene and write it from the heart and read it as if moyes is talking.

    "we have come so close before and it has been a while, however We are now the team to take Everton to glory we have fans that will follow and sing us to the ends of the earth, but remember this what we have on the pitch and In the stands is nothing with out that badge you wear over your heart that is On your sleave so when you go out there and you look at your blue brothers in arms that have started the battle and looking for you to win remember this we are the blue of Merseyside we are the toffees we are evertonians, you didn't chose your were chosen when this is over ad you have won the battle legends will be made and remembered because when you go out there and see the sea of blue remember WE ARE EVERTON

    Come onnnnnnnnnn you bluesss

    Sorry carried away after a we dram
  2. Pat's Van

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    come on blues deeez are sh!te deeez
  3. toffeejack

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    beat em last year mate ;)
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