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Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Eggs, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. Eggs

    Eggs Player Valuation: £750k Forum Supporter

    Why do our players take so long to recover from injury? Recently I spoke with a renowned expert who told me that recovery timescales in Premier League are recorded to assess medical performance. As this person pointed out, the cost of having highly paid players on the sidelines is astronomical and the drive to get them back is key. As far as I know, recovery figures are not in the public domain but I would love to see how we compare. This 'expert' said he had visited Finch Farm and Everton have all the equipment but nobody knows how to use it. Getting players back quickly gives clubs an edge but we seem to be lagging. Baz Rathbone got the heave ho but who oversees our medical process? Mirallas comes back for a game & is struggling again, Gibson out for months with a groin injury and I dare not mention big Vic. It is an important area but is it one that fans consider?
  2. Tubey

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    FFS... This isn't true, surely?
  3. McBain

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    Do we have a Machine that goes Ping?
  4. stevietoffee

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    i take it other clubs dont get long injuries then ???look at the likes of wilshire out for well over a year , diame at west ham looking at 3 months out . we aint the only club that gets them .
  5. Baines' left foot

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    Couldn't. Make. It. Up.
  6. Chang Elephant

    Chang Elephant Forum God

    That is ****ing funny
  7. Degs62

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    Yes, a very expensive one.
  8. Titus Bramble

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    A microwave?
  9. Pineappleman

    Pineappleman Player Valuation: Free Transfer

    Rathbone quit, he didn't "get the heave ho"
  10. Pineappleman

    Pineappleman Player Valuation: Free Transfer

    Yakubu took that.
  11. WA Toffee

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    I don't think it is unique to Everton, or even just to football. Athletes nowadays are much more highly tuned than in previous years. While muscle mass can be increased and strengthened, other parts of the body such as ligaments can not be strengthened to the same degree. So you have the situation where a ligament is carrying a lot more load than it is designed to, whether that is increased muscle mass or increased aerobic capacity meaning the muscles are working harder for longer. Eventually these parts crack the sh1ts resulting in a lengthy injury.
  12. Jacko93

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    TBH mate, a lot of this means absolutely nothing, as one of the reasons that Baz left was because his role had changed, many of the players these days, that come on big money, bring their own medical staff with them. Baz felt that he was losing control of his team because of the influx of other people who he didn't choose.

    With this in mind, I would fully expect that the exact same issues occur at other clubs.

    To infer that "Everton have all the equipment but nobody knows how to use it" is in my mind, ridiculous. These are professionals who have worked in many places and are employed solely due to their medical expertise. I very much doubt that in the modern day, they would 'not have a clue' on how to use the equipment.
  13. Shaun4658

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    This is absolute rubbish. It just seems like our players take longer to recover because they are "our" players. It's exacerbated by the fact our squad is paper thin and we feel they're absence more than other clubs.

    Our injuries and medical facilities are no worse/better than most other premier league clubs.
  14. davek

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    We're back to prehabilitation again. It turns our players muscle mass into knots in cotton.
  15. bobbyrob

    bobbyrob Player Valuation: £500k

    Phil Nevilles injury status (no return date), I think the system works.
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