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  1. Dell Boy

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    Seeing a thread with folk calling Tim Cahill a legend got me thinking. In your life as a blue who do you identify with as a "legend". Its a mix of ability, passion, club service and then I guess that something extra that will be different for each person.

    Age is also clearly a factor, so being 36 I remember the players from my first trips to Goodison with an extra special feeling. Anyway, in my lifetime my legends are:

    Van Den Hauwe

    Of the current squad I'd love to think the likes of Baines and Fellaini could be addedif they stick around and we crack on as a team. Likewise 5+ years of goals and skills from Jelly and Mirralas would be nice.
  2. Dell Boy

    Dell Boy Player Valuation: £750k

    [Poor language removed] it, add in Tony Hibbert as well!
  3. Titus Bramble

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    Being only 21 there isn't that many! The only real ones who stand out for me are Big Dunc and Tim Cahill.
  4. malfosse

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    For me the 70s were my formative years, so Latchford, and I absolutely adored Duncan Mackenzie.
  5. Bullinasia

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    I'll be a bit pedantic - each as you say have our own opinion and criteria. I would say most if not all of those mentioned are legendary players but there can only be one true Legend in my lifetime - stand up Alan Ball (RIP)
  6. royalbalou

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    Alan Ball tops my list, was fortunate to see him play in the blue shirt. The list would also include(in no particular order):
    Labone, Harvey, Kendall, Young, Reid, Southall, Sheedy

    Any of the 69/70 or mid-80's team could also be in with a shout but the above we're my shortlist
  7. grandjoeblue

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    Big Dunc

    These are mine in my 20 years.
  8. Basil Fawlty

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    I'd add in the likes of waggy as well. Long time servant and bled blue. He was a classy defender and we didn't have a lot of class through the nineties. Managed us for a brief period as well.
  9. Buckers

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    Big Dunc
  10. Beagers

    Beagers Guest

    Mick "Mr Blue Blood" Lyons.
  11. GraemeS1980

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    I started going in 84 so

    MY all time hero Kevin Sheedy
    Neville Southall
    Graeme Sharp
    Kevin Ratcliffe
    Dave Watson
    Peter Reid
    few others from the 80s however this may suprise some people but Paul Rideout gave me one of the happiest days in my life scoring the FA Cup Final winner so a defo legend to me.
  12. CanadaToffee

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    Tough to narrrow it down, so being totally ruthless, pick maximum of one per decade:
    60s - Ball
    70s - Lyons
    80s - Southall (this was the toughest choice)
    90s - Big Dunc
    00s - Cahill
    10s - so far looking like Screech if he sticks around, or Baines
  13. wiggie

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    Golden Vision and Big Dunc
  14. Darth Toffeeman

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    Being brought up with the all conquering team of the 80's I would obviously be tempted to list those players but as the original post states we can class legends as people who are not always part of trophy winning successful teams. For example half of Man City's team wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the obscene money influx. So will they all be looked on as icons or not by city fans?

    For me I would also like to put forward Graham Stuart and David Unsworth.

    The guts Stuart showed to take that penalty against Wimbledon in 94 and he never hid from responsibility. Far better have pulled on the shirt but not many have shown as much courage under pressure. I was gutted he hit the bar in the 95 final as that would have been a defining moment for him. He was also shipped out too early during that shameful season in 97/98.

    David Unsworth was superb during his first 2 seasons, arguably the finest young defender in the country. But for me his 2 week career at Villa once he heard Everton had shown interest is the stuff of a real fan who loves a club.
  15. MartSlinger

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    Being 19 ive quite clearly missed Everton's best times so to answer the question, no, i haven't witnessed a legend tbh. I really dont class Ferguson and Cahill as legends, i really dont. I class them both more as 'Cult Heroes' than legends. Got called a Kopite once by a Blue for not think Ferguson was a 'Legend'.lol
  16. Dell Boy

    Dell Boy Player Valuation: £750k

    Can't believe I forgot Derek Mountfield.
  17. BlueLlama

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    I think you can get legend status in a few ways - achievement, cult status, club loyalty, or a mixture of them. It is easier to pick them from the past as not only did we win more trophies but players generally stuck around for longer.

    I don't agree that Arteta is a legend - he won nothing and pushed for a move from the club. Cahill is for his longer service and the fact that he carried the team on countless occasions. Hibbo probably is as a1 club man and his inability to score.

    Big Dunc has a claim as he loved the club with a passion. Can't think of anyone else who really deserves that tag from 90s onwards.
  18. Whitebootman

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    I like this format, so...

    60s - Alan Ball. Simply the best.
    70s - Duncan Mackenzie (When he was up for it).
    80s - Nev Southall. The foundation of one of our best teams.
    90s - Big Dunc. Icon.

    It's tough leaving so many others out.

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