Kevin 'the belgian ronaldo' Mirrallas

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Sensei, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Sensei

    Sensei Banned Banned

    Thoughts and Opions Brothers And Sisters....

    Scored on his debut...just dissallowed lol....beautiful link up play on the left....wouldnt mind seeing what he could do with a run of five games

    but first impressions - great buy
  2. AusTekkaz

    AusTekkaz Player Valuation: £100k

    I liked him. Almost a goal in his first minute if Vlaar (i think it was him) didnt do well to stop the low cross. Also offside for his goal which was annoying because i really wanted us to demolish Aston Villa in the second half.

    He looks promising though, very happy with him.

    Oh and he's boss on Fifa.
  3. KevMirallas

    KevMirallas Player Valuation: £750k

    He's a bit rusty, and it'll take a bit to get him to fully understand and buy into the Moyes philosophy, but he showed some really promising glimpses. His balance on the ball can't be taught, and he certainly got himself in some fantastic positions. The technique he showed with that first time volley was incredibly promising.

    He looks a confidence player, the more he plays, the more he will feel free to express himself, and the better he will play. He has the luxury of not being brought in to save a team, or be creative pulse, but instead will be able to find his feet and blossom from there.

    The lad's alright.
  4. Number_25

    Number_25 Player Valuation: £500k

    Only once did I see him with the ball at feet and he tried to do Vlaar, but he was having none of it.

    His "goal" was offside, but it was a good header nevertheless.

    Showed a bit of pace.

    Can't really say whether he's gonna be good.
  5. Deloodid

    Deloodid Player Valuation: £750k Forum Supporter

    Lets see him start against Orient in midweek, give Jela a rest on the bench
  6. arbok

    arbok Player Valuation: £100k

    Damn... Belgium... they have the Belgian Messi (Hazard) and now the Belgian Ronaldo...
  7. chicoazul

    chicoazul hearts tommye Forum Supporter

    Didn't he done much but that's the be expected really. Will take him time to settle in.
  8. The-Golden-Vision

    The-Golden-Vision Banned Banned

    Are you p1ssed lid?
  9. chicoazul

    chicoazul hearts tommye Forum Supporter

    Unfortunately not lar.
  10. The-Golden-Vision

    The-Golden-Vision Banned Banned

    Well get on it ffs!
  11. RadioFriendlyUnitShifter

    RadioFriendlyUnitShifter Anustart

    Jelavic did nothing in his first 20 minute piece of action. Mirallas didn't do much. Far too early to judge.

    That said his movement already looks superb. And when he almost met Coleman's cross that Vlaar (beast him to be fair) cut out I had a mini moment of seeing two pacey little buggers on each flank and got massively excited. PACE!

    But yes, hopefully he can get a start in the league cup.
  12. chicoazul

    chicoazul hearts tommye Forum Supporter

    I've just declined the opportunity to get on it today with the kopite lids. One's liver needs a rest.
  13. mpatton

    mpatton Player Valuation: £150k

    i tell you what will be great is that he starts contributing and we get a great song aligned to him and we sing it loud and proud from the terraces. looking forward to a great season where our new number 11 plays a big part and links up with our other Belgium superstar who by the way has the best song aligned to him in the whole league.
  14. rochdaleblue

    rochdaleblue Player Valuation: £225k

    Lovely balance in control of the ball. Reminds me of Marc Overmars let's hope he is half as good!!!
  15. blueboywrighty

    blueboywrighty Player Valuation: £25k

    Surely Mirrallas will start on Wednesday, needs playing time to get up to speed with English football. Will take time to settle in. His 20 minute appearance yesterday does give optimism, especially if we can continue to put in excellent team performances.
  16. Gwladys Nights

    Gwladys Nights Player Valuation: £500k

    I thought he looked a bit nervy and like he wasn't on the same wavelength as the rest of the players. But that's standard for a debut.

    Was unlucky not to score twice, so obviously takes up good positions. He was against 10 men though.

    Very encouraging that he seems willing to go past players with the ball, even if nothing really came off for him yesterday.

    Reckon we'll need a bit of patience with him. Might not see his best form until next season which is true of most players who come from abroad, especially wingers.
  17. ah11984

    ah11984 Player Valuation: £500k

    I thought he looked really lively. Had a goal disallowed, had a side-foot volley blockedm some decent link-up play.
  18. neonleon

    neonleon Player Valuation: £750k

    he looked like Andy Van der Meyde after a night on the albert dock having his drink spiked.

    To be fair A good cameo for a player that is only 20 minutes coming to grips with the english game.
  19. Kay20

    Kay20 Player Valuation: £500k

    Too early. Thought he had solid movement, but other than that, can't judge anything on 10-20 minutes.

    Naismith looks solid on the other hand. Even if he doesn't blow the doors off the building, his interchanging and decision-making in 70 minutes was better than we've seen in Seamus for a long time.

    On the other hand, Coleman but in 2 beauts of crosses (something it appears isn't really in Naismith's wheelhouse). So Coleman being a 20 minute sub was solid.
  20. Jeff Calabrese

    Jeff Calabrese Player Valuation: Free Transfer

    The man has swagger, which, in small doses, is what we've been lacking. If he can play nice and share with Jelavic he will be quite a weapon.

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