fellaini the new cahill?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by toffeestillidie, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. toffeestillidie

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    Haven't been on here for a bit so sorry if someone posted about this, but i wanted to start a discussion about Fellaini's positioning against blackpool

    When I first saw the team sheet with fellaini, gibson, neville, and hibbert all in the starting 11, i thought moyes had literally lost it and decided to play 3 defensive midfielders. But fellaini was playing at centre attacking midfield, behind straq and if i'm not mistaken only a little bit further back than where we usually see timmy, and it seemed to be insanely effective.

    now fellaini obviously has very different attributes than cahill. he can't exactly evade defenders the way cahill can, but he can jump over them. he'll prefer to play further back than cahill because thats what he's accustomed to, but he's probably better than cahill with a ball at his feet.

    So what are thoughts on fellaini's potential as a central attacking midfielder? Now that we have gibson neville and heitinga who can all play cdm, it maybe makes sense to put one of our better attack minded players forward. cahill is definitely at the point in his career where we can no longer expect his magic on a regular basis, but maybe playing fellaini up there, at least for the time being, is the best way forward.
  2. bullensview

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    It was where he was used all of his first season. Plus Moyes has spoken about it loads in last yr or 2. I think he's a dm, and that is his best position.
  3. RadioFriendlyUnitShifter

    RadioFriendlyUnitShifter Anustart

    He's a potentially good player there.

    He's a potentially world class player in defensive midfield.

    When I see him play up top I sigh not because he won't do a job, but because I want him to have as long a run as possible in his best role, so he can fulfil his potential.
  4. BlueNoseJim

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    Fellaini has fantastic potential to become a permanent CAM, but I think we'd miss him too much further down the pitch when we're playing better teams. We need someone to be there to break up play as effectively as he does. It would be fine to play him up in CAM when we're against the likes of Blackpool, but when we're against Man City and the like then he needs to be in a holding midfield position, because he's a monster.
  5. neil999

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    no,no,no,no..if anyone it should be rodwell
  6. BlueNoseJim

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    I hope that you're trolling...
  7. neil999

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    nope, i think it could be his best position, certainly more suited to it than fellaini and it worked when he played there for england
  8. best little spaniard

    best little spaniard Guest

    Nahhh, I think he's better dominating play from the centre of midfield. More of a box to box than purely a defensive mid I feel.

    If we're going to persist playing an AM, it should really be someone a lot more technical than Cahill. Fellaini is, hence why he looked good. We really need a Pienaar/Osman/Barkley type player to be playing there.
  9. Blue 1

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    He can do a decent job there but he's better as a destructive DM.

    When he's on song he does the box-to-box thing really well, mind.
  10. BlueNoseJim

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    I do agree that he has certain aspects to his game that could make him a great CAM, such as his passing ability and the way he drives forwards with the ball, but I think that we'd miss a player like that in the centre of midfield. We need a deep-lying playmaker, as well as consistent wingers of course. When Rodwell is fit he is a great centre midfield player. However he could probably do a job in CAM, too. But I'd prefer him one step back :)
  11. kenada_blue

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    Fellaini is a rock as a DM. Its his position since he was a kid at Leige, its what he loves.

    He's wasted off a striker. He's played there and disappeared from games as we resort to hoofing it to him.
  12. Christiffa25

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    I too sigh when I see Fellani there. As said he can do an effective job there on occasion but he's best in CM.

    It worked against b'pool... It really didn't work against wigan.

    For me it should be ossie, Barkley or Cahill playing there. Rodwell could maybe play it as he dis for England but would still rather the others who are natural there !

    Isn't it bloody good having options again!!
  13. ijjysmith

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    No just no.

    If Cahill is coming to his end, which he is, and we continue to play the one up front, which we will, then we need a new 'just off the front' type player. And he must be beast.

    Fellaini is way more important elsewhere.
  14. Seamus Colemole

    Seamus Colemole Previously deathbyropeandglass


    Moyes doesn't seem happy unless he is arsing around with the team moving players out of position.
  15. hudd101

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    Rodwell and Fellaini as box to box midfielders should be boss together, with decent backup in Gibson.

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