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    I need your help.

    Before it's time to get married and who knows raise some children, it's time for more groundhopping. Okay, I already saw a couple of stadiums, but it's never enough. That's why I decided: the second half of this year I will travel around the UK to fulfill my dream: a month of only football. And if it's possible, everyday a new ground.

    I'm not sure when I'm going, but I think it will be in novembre. Normally I travel with some friends, but I have the wish to travel alone. Meet new people is some of the things I love about travelling and groundhopping. Sure, I can travel trough the UK and sleep in hostels or hotels and watch a game and leave. But what is better then watch a game with the locals? Somebody that loves to show me their ground, their club and their passion.

    So, I'm looking for those people. Short something about myself. I'm a sportsjournalist from Holland. I'm a commentator of every game of Eredivisie-team Heerenveen, the old team of players like Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar and Thomasson. And of Seip (Brentford), Hooiveld (Southampton) and Vayrynen (Leeds). I'm 29, living together with my girlfriend in Leeuwarden, the northern part of Holland. I love groundhopping. Two years ago, my dream came through, where I visited a match of Boca Juniors in Argentina. But I also (sometimes work-related) visited Paok Saloniki, Napoli, Helsingborg, Dortmund, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Dinamo Zagreb and many others.

    So. Do you wanna join me to a match? Drink a beer? Show me your city? Or even have a couch to sleep on? (a place to sleep, is not a must offcourse, only cheaper )
    Please give me a sign then.
    You can also email me: roelofdevries@hotmail.com


    Roelof de Vries

    PS Good luck today, the game is live on Dutch television

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