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  1. alan ball

    alan ball Player Valuation: £750k

    Dear Friends,

    As most of you will know, I've been supporting Everton at every level for many years. By every level, that is senior, to reserves, to youth. In recent seasons I've recorded youth match reports, (never, ever critical of any young player) on Grand Old Team which have been tremendously received and I thank you all sincerely for the support you have given me.

    I write this with a tremendous heavy heart. I write this in response to all of you who have asked why my U18s match report have stopped. The reason is Everton have took the decision to ban me. Let me explain.

    In September 2011, I was denied access to Finch Farm on the grounds that I was from ToffeeWeb / GrandOldTeam. I had been attending and writing for over 12 months but someone at the Club decided enough was enough. Thankfully, the Club changed their mind on banning me and I was allowed to support the Club.

    Fast forward 13 months to October 2012 and I received a letter from Mark Rowan head of media and communications on 5th October telling me that with immediate effect I would not be allowed into Finch Farm to write match reports for Grand Old team or any other source for reasons classed as "inappropriate contact" with academy members on the social networking site Twitter.

    I was absolutely amazed at the clubs accusations and immediately demanded a meeting with personnel from Everton Football Club to explain this letter and their accusations as I found these comments very disturbing as did my family.

    I was asked to attend a meeting at Finch Farm on Monday 15th October at 2pm where I was met by Adam Green the head of safeguarding who chaired the meeting, Darren Griffiths and Mark Rowan both media and Mike Dickinson who is development\education officer were also present.

    I can be totally honest and say that "Tweets" that I had sent players were innocent one's such as if a player was injured I would enquire about the extent of his injury.

    Another one I sent was to the Swedish U19 International Johann Hammar congratulating him on his call up for his country, that was classed as "Inappropriate"

    I would also ask players if that were looking forward to the next game and was training okay nothing more than that.

    I commented that Twitter was a social networking site and therefore if they did not want to be contacted then they should not be on there.

    I was also told by the club that I was too friendly with parents of the academy players even though many of them would approach me to tell me how much they had enjoyed my last match report etc.

    Another issue they had with me was the fact that I wore Everton attire down at Finch Farm which made me look like an Everton employee.

    I was then told that I had requested tickets from the backroom staff which was ludicrous.

    I had been down to London to watch the first team in January at Tottenham which was a rearranged fixture due to the London riots in August.

    I came home from Spurs then went back down to London for the second day to watch the Academy play at QPR in the FA youth cup so I asked for a ticket to help me with my expense as the two trips were not cheap..

    I also went to Scotland in pre season to watch the first team at Motherwell then staying overnight in Glasgow to watch the U21's play at Partick Thistle the next day and was left tickets on the gate.

    Whatever was on their agenda that day there was nothing down for me, they wanted me and Grand Old Team out of the picture.

    I made a suggestion that I could be accommodated in an area designated for me so that I was not in a position to bother anybody but still it fell on deaf ears.

    Their decision was to ban me but I am still allowed to watch the 18's away from home but not at Finch Farm.

    As far as I was concerned they could have banned me from Goodison as well because I didn't deserve this treatment after being such a loyal fan.

    I e mailed the club in the summer requesting that for their piece of mind that for their benefit I would like to be CRB checked financing it myself also I was willing to attend a safe guarding course but both requests were ignored.

    I also collected the team sheets from the games as I am an avid collector of everything to do with Everton, I received an e mail from the club 2 weeks later telling me that I was no longer being sent them which I thought was very petty and how much more could they do to destroy my love for the club.

    I decided to contact Robert Elstone which I did by letter and the item was hand delivered by myself to the Goodison reception on the day of the Merseyside Derby on the 28th October telling him how unfair this treatment was to a lifelong blue.

    I waited for nearly three weeks for a reply which never came so I rang Robert Elstone's secretary who informed me that the letter was never received and was I able to write another letter.

    I wrote it and sent it as an e mail to which I received acknowledgement that she had received it. Within a few days I received a letter from Robert Elstone sent by recorded delivery and the contents of the letter said that he had consulted his staff and therefore was going to withhold his decision and I was not still allowed into Finch farm.

    I Used to be an Everton lottery agent from 1978-1989 and was selling 500 tickets a week which earned me Agent of the year in 1987 and was presented with a trophy by Bobby Mimms before a league game.

    I have been attending Everton since 1968 and been a season ticket holder since 1977. To anyone that knows me, they will tell you that Everton have been a big part of my life, I met my wife watching the blues and my son is a season ticket holder also, my daughter has attended before now but far from a regular.

    I have been very upset with recent events with the so called "PEOPLES CLUB" which is far from what you fans think
  2. noharmdone

    noharmdone Requested to be banned Banned

    I'm actually embarrassed reading that..

    Very sorry to hear how you have been treated mate, and I actually enjoyed reading your reports.
  3. Alio

    Alio They call me Avocado Baby

    That sounds absolutely ludicrous mate

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you manage to get something sorted!
  4. Woolly Blue

    Woolly Blue Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Shocking news Bally. I'll miss your reports.
    Let us know if there's anything we can do.
  5. Brennan

    Brennan Sniff it. Forum Supporter

    Been waiting for this to go up mate. People need to realise what a bunch of crooks we're dealing with.

    'Why change, we might do a Portsmouth'
  6. GrandOldTeam

    GrandOldTeam Administrator Staff Member


    I'm desperately disappointed to hear this. It really does sadden me that the Club couldn't come to an amicable arrangement.

    I never disclose e-mails, but this is what I sent to the Club when they banned you in September 2011 solely on the grounds you was from "Toffeeweb & GrandOldTeam" (Without the courtesy to check facts, and to speak to us);

    "Steve reports on the Everton Youth Teams for us. His most recent reports are archived via the link below;

    .... So we've tried pal, but sadly, the Club have their reasons... reasons I hope Everton's Director of Communications will explain, should Everton's Director of Communications be receptive to Communicating to Everton's largest Online Community. We'll see.

    A tremendous shame. I hope the Club will read this, and the no doubt hundreds of supporting replies which will follow and common sense will prevail...

    But sadly, I doubt it.
  7. Baines' left foot

    Baines' left foot Player Valuation: £1m

    That's appalling mate and I'm quite shocked to hear all of that.

    I hope you're not too downbeat as it sounds like you've just been treated very unfairly and with a distinct lack of respect.

    Thanks for all the match reports though mate, they were very much appreciated.
  8. DanEFC92

    DanEFC92 Player Valuation: £750k

    Absolute joke.
  9. Del

    Del Ric Wee fan club member 2014

    Lost for words lad I really am
  10. heatmeiser

    heatmeiser House of Correction

    Embarrassing behaviour by the club.

  11. Ruairi77

    Ruairi77 Player Valuation: £225k

    Wow, thats shocking behaviour, terrible!
    I hope it all gets worked out for you mate. What about trying to go over Elstones head to Kenwright?
  12. CahillsCornerFlag

    CahillsCornerFlag Player Valuation: £950k

    This is shameful, utter disgrace from our club. You've been nothing but a top ambassador for our club, and their reaction is beyond belief.
  13. toffeemax

    toffeemax Player Valuation: £225k

    Anyone that we can write to to voice our dis contempt?
  14. Del

    Del Ric Wee fan club member 2014

    Honestly the only good thing about our club is the fans

    ****ing hate Everton sometimes
  15. TheFinnFan

    TheFinnFan Finners

    what did you do wrong?????????

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