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    1. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Seriously , BUY it if you have to .

      It is outstanding . Concept album . He loses girl , meets another , gets stitched , goes to Jail , spends time there , gets out ,...

      You will be the coolest Chick' in Cali' , Honey . EVEN more than normal .
    2. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Plan B ; The Defamation of Strickland Banks . Give it a couple of listens .
    3. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Im OK , honey .

      Im gonna PM you later if thats OK ???
    4. little curly alan ball
    5. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Hiya love ; Tinie Tempah , Feat' Ellie Goulding ; Wonderrman .
    6. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Morninj' darlin' .

      Nelly ;' Just a dream .
    7. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Hi love .

      Shawn Lee ; Kiss the Sky .
    8. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Hi , Kay .

      Magnetic Man , Feat' John Legend . Getting Nowhere .

    9. spikeman
      You're welcome. :)
    10. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Hiya love . Dunno what music you dig , but check this track . Magnetic Man ; I Need Air . Its Rockin' The UK right now .
      Later , Kay . ( Uny 3 monhs ,...)
    11. Kay20
    12. Hail Evertonia
      Hail Evertonia
      Heh, I see I'm not the only CA night owl. :P

      I'm going into my last year of undergrad at Harvard. Berkeley is actually my current top choice of grad school, although I'm not applying for a year so that may well change.

      I can forgive you rooting for LA I suppose. My favorite US player is Michael Bradley, but it's pretty hard not to love LD. (Well, apart from my jilted fellow Earthquakes fans....) I remember him from his Landycakes days in San Jose - for a long time I just knew him as "that guy who wore a sports bra" :lol:

      Nice to "meet" you as well - we'll be in touch, I'm sure!
    13. Hail Evertonia
      Hail Evertonia
      [Character limit.... this message just gets more and more ghetto....]

      On the bright side, I'm pretty confident that he'll join us in January though. He can go out "honorably" (i.e. without abandoning LA in the middle of a title run), the MLS can exploit him for ticket sales, and Everton can put his transfer fee on next year's budget. We should probably just be happy that he didn't go running to Man City or something - it really seems like he's loyal to us. :)

      Aaaanyways, sorry for ranting.... thanks for the message, and hopefully we can find a good meetup spot in the Bay! You and I seem to have quite a bit in common, we should be internet friends.
    14. Hail Evertonia
      Hail Evertonia
      So, I apparently don't have PM privileges yet... so here's my response to your message:

      I am from the Bay Area in fact - Cupertino. I go to school in Boston, hence the confusing location. :) Unfortunately I don't know good spots to watch, since I just got into the EPL/Everton this summer. Let me know if you find any, I'd love to join in when I'm home for breaks and summer!

      The game was awesome, I loved seeing San Jose eek out a win, and to get to see Landon play in person. Totally agree with you about LD. It was kind of frustrating seeing how he's so much better than pretty much anyone in the MLS. Maybe I'm making this up, but I think he was pretty frustrated too with the fact that he has to do basically ALL the work for his team. Don't get me wrong, I love the MLS, but come on, let's not kid ourselves. Donovan belongs in the Premier League, and the fact that Everton needs him so badly.... argh! Stupid transfer fee, stupid limited budget.
    15. Dutch Toffee
      Dutch Toffee
      Just don't want to post on that stuff and the team since I'm not educated yet. Don't want to be that obnoxious fan that thinks they know before they watch. But I want to watch EPL this year dammit! So I'm a rookie.

      Don't worry about things like that. Just join in the fun. You're right, we're nice people, won't bite.
    16. GrandOldTeam
      Welcome Kay20,

      Enjoy your stay at GrandOldTeam

      Why not introduce yourself in our New Signings forum?
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