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Jan 2, 2008
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Utter Cad., from 16 Beasley St

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    1. Baines' left foot
      Baines' left foot
      Hello Clint mate. I'm busy Monday night unfortunately but I'd be up for it another time definitely! Where's your usual place you go for the match?
    2. BlackToffee
      Thank you. I'm glad that the thread wasn't closed down immediately, but it had reached a point where continuing it would have been pointless.
    3. ChicagoToffee
      Giraffe - You were probably at the Globe Pub. I headed up there and took the shuttle out to Toyota Park when Everton played here two summers ago - great to see so many Blues in Chicago. I think the club has subsided a bit but still see the odd Chang shirt on the street. Hit me up if you make it back.
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    Little Jim was no one's fool - he owned the town's only jam butty mine
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